Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Muktir Gaan (1995) - Tareque Masud & Catherine Masud.720MB [Mediafire]

Directors: Catherine Masud, Tareque Masud
Plot Keywords: Liberation War
Genres: Documentary
Country: Bangladesh

One of the best documentary on Liberation war of Bangladesh. A journey of a cultural team of Bangladesh to inspire the Refugees and the Freedom fighters of Bangladesh. The film zeroes into a troupe of musicians traveling through the refugee camps and zones of war during the Liberation War in 1971. The film blends documentary and fictional genres in a musical structure to tell the story of the birth of a nation and the ideals of secularism and tolerance on which it was founded. The filmmakers, Tareque and Catherine Masud, have combined footage of a cultural troupe and their activities, shot by American filmmaker Lear Levin in 1971, with historic footage collected from archives around the world.


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